What is VPN and Why You Should Start Using a VPN

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Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network technology that is used to link multiple computers, servers and any VPN-capable devices through private or public and secured web tunnels. VPN also make use of an encryption system in the transmission of data; hence keeping every bit of information being transmitted from one system to another as secured as possible and therefore can only be accessed by the authorized recipient/s.

Using a VPN let you enhance your web browsing security by accessing information through secure VPN tunnels, bypass censorships and access online content without hassles, and change Your IP and Server for added web browsing anonymity.

Virtual Private Network

In reality, a Virtual Private Network is just a network of different computers, network devices or servers that are connected either through the private or the public domain using secure tunnels. This means that a VPN is not entirely different from a LAN or a WAN, but the data transmission usually happens over a secure network, immaterial of the medium of transfer.

Data transfer is of paramount importance for any organization and individuals alike. In the olden days, data transfer was made through secure, storable and transportable mediums such as discs, and it usually involved a lot of risks and was considered to be time-consuming.

However, with access to the internet, it has become possible for various organizations and companies to connect their different satellite offices together and make the process of data transfer both fast and seamless. This has allowed various companies to set up shop in different countries around the globe.

This even led to a rise in the number of professionals who started working out of their homes or tiny satellite offices that were set up in convenient locations to reduce the overall costs. But fast, easy and cheap data transfer over the internet led to another issue, SECURITY.

Data transfer over the internet offers the least security. Various hackers, viruses and malicious programs are constantly on the lookout for gaining access to confidential and sensitive data that will give them an opportunity for making financial gains. And leasing special lines across these distances can prove to be extremely expensive.

A VPN on the other hand, allows the company to connect via the internet and use the security of secure VPN tunnels. These tunnels are basically encrypted connections created by connecting the devices through intermediary servers often hosted by VPN service providers.

Large companies and Government organizations usually develop their own Virtual Private Networks to manage large projects and host the servers and experts in-house. But managing and hosting a VPN can prove to be quite expensive for smaller companies and individuals, which is why there are dedicated VPN service providers who will look after the technical aspects of managing a VPN, while the subscribers can enjoy VPN services for a small monthly subscription fee.