A VPN is a great way of gaining complete internet freedom on not just your home computer but also your smartphone, tablet, TV set, and any other internet-enabled devices you use daily. The main reasons for using a VPN account are security and anonymity.

Once you access the internet via a VPN server, you are doing so via an encrypted tunnel that ensures that no ISP or local government agency can see your browsing or downloading habits.

Another great use for this is to have an extra layer of security when using online banking and other secure services when on a public WIFI network (especially in coffee shops).

Why use VPN

Nothing beats the price of zero.

Do you know how they say nothing in this world is free? Well, that’s a truth with modifications. Love is free, and the VPN is free. That is if you choose one of the free VPN services from this list.

Many premium VPN providers offer a free, scaled-down version of their paid product. This option is often ad-supported or time-limited. But with the price is nill, this does appeal to some. We usually recommend our readers to sign up for a premium VPN service, which typically will set you back around $5.00-10.00 per month.

Over the past years, we’ve reviewed many, many free VPN services, and listing the top 10 free VPN options here. Please note how we have listed the main advantage of each provider together with the drawback of the free account.

Usually, the drawbacks disappear if you upgrade your free VPN account to a premium account. But for a starter, you can come a long way at no cost whatsoever. We won’t judge you! Please share your experiences with any of these providers on the individual review page.

Here’s a list of free VPN options which will give you online anonymity and security through an encrypted connection:

The best free VPN 2021

Updated January 2021


What are the 5 Main Benefits of Using a VPN?

  • Secure your internet connection on non-secured networks

Connecting to networks you have no control over (such as WiFi hotspots) is risky because your online traffic can easily be intercepted by hackers operating on the same network. This can include websites you are visiting as well as usernames/passwords used to login to websites. By using our VPN service your online traffic will be encrypted and hidden from people trying to steal your sensitive web traffic data.

  • Become anonymous and protect your online identity

By encrypting your online web traffic everything you do online will become anonymous and your online identity will be hidden. Anonymity is vital for identity protection and to ensure what you do online is never revealed to hackers and network snoops.

  • Virtually reside in another country and bypass geographic web blocks

Some websites may restrict content to specific countries which can be annoying if you are abroad and away from your home country. Simply connect to one of our VPN server locations in the country you wish to ‘virtually reside’ in and you will trick the website into thinking you are actually in the specified country.

  • VPN’s work with everything on your computer

Not to be confused with web proxies, a VPN will automatically anonymously encrypt all applications on your computer, whether this be your web browser, instant messaging client or file-sharing application.

  • Bypass censorship and internet restrictions

The World Wide Web is not so world-wide for some countries and internet service providers. VPN’s help bypass censorship and limits imposed by your internet service provider or government.

How to get a UK IP address

  1. Register for a FREE VPN service and download the app relevant to your device.
  2. Clear all cookies and restart your device.
  3. Launch and log into the VPN mobile app or desktop client.
  4. Connect to a UK server and wait for the connection to be made.
  5. Now you have a UK IP address and can browse the web at your leisure.

Why Should I Use a UK VPN?

There are several benefits of using the best UK VPN service. There isn’t any particular end-user or customer-specific demographic as far as VPN usage is concerned. From the very outset, VPN can be made useful for the average internet browser, and the benefits may increase from the individual user to large organizations.

From an everyday internet user’s perspective, the security of online browsing is the key, especially if the user is prone to use various financial related websites and make financial transactions through online payment processors. Along with security, the user may also remain anonymous and can avoid leaving tracks.

A VPN can also be used for accessing blocked content. Internet censorship is a serious issue across several countries throughout the world. Many popular online websites, social media sites and even entertainment channels are blocked for various reasons. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are just a small group of websites that are blocked in countries like China, Iran, Egypt and more. Therefore, citizens of these countries can utilize the services of a VPN service provider to gain access to blocked content.

There are country-specific online entertainment websites such as Netflix, Hulu, iPlayer, CBS, etc, that only allow users from a specific country to access their services. For instance, the entire range of Netflix services is only accessible to U.S users, while the BBC iPlayer is only accessible to U.K viewers. Therefore, to watch these channels from a different country, users will need access to a VPN.

For companies and organizations, VPN can be helpful in connecting various entities together, and immaterial of the actual physical distance between them, every device can be connected to the same network using VPN without any security issues. This will allow greater flexibility for operations and will allow fast, easy and secure transfer of data from one point to the other.

Here are some good examples in which a VPN UK could be helpful.

For any Business

A VPN improves business security and can produce a business a lot more flexible. This means employees can work from many locations.

They can work from different offices, at home, or elsewhere utilizing a laptop. They can do that while still focusing on a safe and secure network.

They could access the business’s network without others having the ability to intercept it and may access the network easily.

For many companies, it can be quite advantageous to possess people employed in several locations. Doing this safely could make employees a lot more productive.

Government Organizations

Government organizations store a myriad of data on a variety of things. This means they store vast amounts of bits of information, a lot of which must be stored safely.

It’s also frequently sent between different systems. Steps must become to make certain security not compromised.

Medical Records

Nowadays, our medical records are saved electronically. It is necessary, therefore, that individuals’ privacy is maintained.

Medical records could be sent between doctor’s surgical procedures if patients are altering physician and may be sent from surgery along with a hospital just before a hospital visit.

With information being exchanged in by doing this celebrate security particularly significant.

Wireless Hotspots

Lots of people use wireless ‘hang-outs’ to achieve access to the internet using laptops, wise phones, along other internet-enabled products. These are available in coffee shops, bookstores and international airports, among other areas.

Something many people don’t understand, though, it that they’re less secure as online in your own home, for instance, because they are relatively simple to intercept.

Getting a VPN installed on the device you’re using can stop your personal data from being compromised.

Private Information

Artists are using the web increasingly more in everyday existence and have various info on their computer. Many also buy online, meaning they input charge card particulars.

Therefore, individuals must home computer systems are stored securely. An online private network will give you an important extra layer of security.

Regardless if you are a company, another kind of organisation or perhaps an individual user, should you cope with sensitive information or information that must definitely be stored secure, a VPN might help.

Utilizing a VPN UK makes any computer or computer safer by encrypting data; therefore, it can’t be construed and understood by individuals who shouldn’t connect.

What are the different types of VPN protocols?

There are various types of VPN protocols that people can use to have secured internet connections. Here are the most commonly used VPN protocols.

• Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)
• Internet Protocol Security (IPSec)
• Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP)
• Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)
• OpenVPN

PPTP and L2TP/IPsec are the more preferred types of protocols because they are the fastest security protocols available today. SSTP and OpenVPN are the best when it comes to security. However, more secured connections mean more encryptions; therefore slowing down the connection and browsing experiences on SSTP and OpenVPN.